Case Study: 'MySupply' Social Media Animation

The First Step: Castle Cleaning project spotlight

There’s a common Chinese proverb that says, ‘a journey of a thousand miles begins with a single step’.

Well, the same is true of a video journey.

Sometimes all a client needs is a single, stand-alone video to do a single, specific job. But often our clients are working with a wider strategic goal in mind and need a suite of videos to take their audience on a journey.

And, as with every journey, it’s the first step that matters.

The Castle Cleaning Story

Castle Cleaning and Hygiene Supplies are a Hampshire-based company that sells cleaning products to businesses across the UK.

Since their launch in 1993, they’ve been listening to their customers, offering the best products they can and working to make their ordering systems more efficient.

A few years ago Castle Cleaning began to notice that many of their customers were experiencing similar sorts of problems. Managers were struggling to keep track of orders, staff weren’t getting the supplies they needed and there didn’t seem to be any standardised training. Time was being wasted, money was being lost and contracts were at risk.

So, in answer to this, Castle developed MySupply.

MySupply is a digital platform that streamlines the ordering process. It features a training system that includes 50 short, comprehensive videos that cover the basics of commercial cleaning. It’s simple to use and designed to make things easier and more efficient for Castle’s customers.

The First Step

Working in consultation with Castle, we produced the initial set of training videos and they are without doubt an invaluable tool for their customers. They help save time, save money and reduce waste. But, however useful a resource is, it’s no good if its users aren’t on board.

So, we asked ourselves: how could we help Castle introduce their customers to the app, make them feel comfortable and actually get them using it?

With this in mind, we looked beyond the basic set of training videos and added two further short films. The first is a brief animated teaser that introduces users to the platform and the second is a 5-minute ‘how-to’ that takes users on a step-by-step journey through the app.

Now the 52 videos in the suite work together, each acting as a stepping stone on to the next. But it’s the teaser that really sets the whole thing in motion...

MySupply Annoucement Animation

It’s bright, it’s quirky, it’s short and it’s shareable. And it’s not necessarily what you’d expect from a company selling cleaning products.

The animation harnesses Castle’s distinctive brand colours and uses simple storytelling and visual cues to tell a quick and compelling story. The target audience can see themselves reflected in the frustrated manager, feel that someone understands the issues they’re dealing with and relief that there’s a solution on offer.

It’s simple, effective and acts as the first step of the audience’s journey to using the MySupply tool in their business.

Take Your Audience on Their Own Video Journey

Castle Cleaning aren’t alone in developing new user platforms for their customers. It’s becoming increasingly common to find businesses of all kinds offering similar digital solutions.

We know that developing quality video content involves a significant investment of time, money and expertise, which is why it’s crucial that you bring your audience along for the ride.

Start by grabbing your audience with a teaser that helps them feel seen, heard and eager to know more, then show them around your new service with a simple ‘how-to’ video.

Begin with these two small steps and you’ll naturally persuade your audience to join you for the rest of the journey.


Are you thinking of launching a new user portal for your business? Get in touch to see how we can help with a suite of videos that will make the most of your new offer.