Video Production and COVID-19

Millstream Productions views the health, safety and wellbeing of its employees, contractors, customers and the general public of being the highest importance. We will not work on a location that we deem to be unsafe or put ourselves at unnecessary risk. We have adapted our usual safe practice to be in line with advice given for the COVID-19 pandemic, particularly Lockdown 3 (Jan 2021).

Lockdown 3 update: Employees must work from home unless they cannot do so. Filming for audio-visual advertisements is permitted to continue, as it was under Lockdown 2.

However, with rising cases, morally, where does that leave us. During the various lockdowns in 2020, Millstream have adapted how we work and implemented new safety measures in order to complete projects without compromising on the safety and wellbeing of the crew and clients. We believe we operate safely in this manner.

New ways of filmmaking – The easiest measure to put into place is to change how we create videos for clients. We are promoting other ways to craft videos without having to be on location filming. We are advocating the use of animation, infographics, drone videography and stock footage. Where original filming is needed, we are being selective over what shoots we carry out during this time and taking the measures outlined below.

Reduced crew - To reduce the risk of getting or spreading coronavirus we will be running a reduced crew of 1 or 2. Our crew will have defined roles and not need to pass or touch each other’s filming equipment. We will work with the client to plan out each shot and then film it, to reduce movement and better maintain social distance. To also reduce the risk of getting or spreading coronavirus, we will travel separately in cars.

Social distancing filming techniques - We will use wireless equipment where possible to keep crew and clients independent and socially distant from each other. We will use boom poles and microphone stands for audio to better maintain social distance and we will shoot with lenses with a longer zoom to keep 2m where possible. When filling out participant release forms, we ask that the participant themselves uses their own pen.

Use of PPE - All crew will carry hand sanitiser and masks and also keep spares in the camera bag. We will ensure hands are cleaned regularly and will wear masks at all times. We will also be keeping track of any symptoms prior, during and after the shoot and will notify all relevant parties of any changes. All crew will be temperature scanned on arrival.

Mental health and wellbeing - Through involving everyone in risk assessments and keeping everyone up to date, we will make sure everyone feels involved and reassured. We are proud to have an open dialogue with our employees, contractors, customers and general public to raise any concerns.