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Millstream are now recruiting for a part time Animation Generalist to work alongside our production team. This is a great opportunity for an undergrad to further their industry experience or a post-grad looking for client focused work.

We're growing our team to meet a higher demand for our services and are looking for a part-time animation generalist to support our growing animation output. This role is perfectly suited to an undergrad university student looking for industry experience during their studies.

We specialise in producing 2D character-based and infographic animations for corporate, public sector and charity clients. Examples of our animation work can be seen on our website. Work closely with our creative production team in producing work that is memerable for our clients and develops you as a filmmaker.


-Responding creatively to client briefs through ideation and concept work

-Assisting with different stages of the pipeline from storyboarding through to final animation

-Handling the post-production process, ensuring the content flows well and incorporating sound or effects where necessary

-Working to production deadlines with varied clients



-Essential: After Effects - familiarity with BattleAxe's 'Rubberhose 2' plugin for AE, Photoshop, Premiere Pro (or Final Cut?)

-Graphic asset creation

-Concept art & design


-Animatic creation & editing

-Character and prop animation




-Passion for animation and storytelling

-Strong written and verbal communication skills
-Collaborative and adaptive to change
-Able to strongly communicate visual ideas

Get in touch with us today if you'd like to further yourself as an aniamtion generalist. Email or call us on 01243 699288

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