Modern Literacy

Client: St George's Beneficial C of E Primary School

We've been working with St George's to deliver a programme of work that focuses on improving literacy skills as well as meeting the requirements of the curriculum.

Based on a film genre we explore the conventions, devices and narrative structures that make that genre definable. The students have to texturally analyse film material, understand shot language, produce scripts, bring characters to life, production techniques, grasp professional equipment and work as a team of production crew and actors to realise their own short genre-based films.

The Outcome

The project is incredibly successful and has been proven to raise literacy points in the school. The films themselves have been discovered by the British Film Institute and for the past three years have been nominated for a national film award over 15,000 applicants. The work is now being used as an example of exemplary writing by the Department for Education.

Painter Sailor Soldier Spy (2015)