About Us

We love telling stories. Not spooky ones around a campfire, but memorable stories that leave a real impact. Our work takes us across a wide range of subjects however all of them have the same things in common. They must be compelling, they must be authentic and they must inspire their audience to feel an emotion.

Millstream began with the simple aim of providing rich filmmaking experiences. We have grown into a production company that focuses on emotional stories and built our reputation on a cinematic visual style. We're proud that since 2011, our work has become the linchpin of campaigns and rebrands for charities, startups and global brands.

The way that we work has matured and refined over time and, today, it’s what defines us as a company. We see ourselves much more as a partner to our clients rather than a video supplier and it's through this deeper understanding of our clients and their needs that enables us to produce authentic, cinematic work that exceeds expectation.

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