About Millstream Academy

A place to learn, develop and gain invaluable experience
We want to be a driving force behind the growth of future creative minds and with the launch of Millstream Academy, we’re giving young filmmakers the chance to develop their skills in a real world environment as part of a work experience programme. These skills range from shooting, editing and animation. Some of the team know first-hand the importance and value of someone taking a punt on you.

The benefits for students

Using industry equipment and software
We offer short-term (days/weeks) and long-term (months/a year) work experience programmes where the young filmmakers and animators work alongside our professional team, on professional industry equipment, both in the office and on shoots. Students are situated in the heart of our studio so they get a feel for working in a real life, collaborative environment.
Team member working on a Mac

Work that’s valued

Working on real projects for real clients
We introduce students to a professional working environment with real projects for real clients. One day they could be working on an explainer video for a manufacturer and the next, editing a hard-hitting interview for a charity. Students have an important part to play in the creation and delivery of client videos.
Camera filming Lauren and Theo Michaels

How students get involved

Partnering with local education institutions
We partner with creative industries teams within local colleges and universities who put students forward for our programmes. This is followed by a recruitment process and how that looks depends on the work experience programme chosen. Our partners include the University of Portsmouth, University of Chichester, and HSDC. Our partnerships allow us to bridge the gap between education and real-world experience, which is invaluable for any budding creative.
Students on a shoot with the sea in background
The video industry moves so quickly, it's vital to tap into young people's creativity and trend insight.

Millstream Academy students

Meet our current team members

  • Vron

    Junior Animator
  • Owain

    Junior Animator
  • Chloe

    Junior Filmmaker
  • Archie

    Junior Filmmaker
“I really love the variety of projects we get. No month is ever the same as we have new clients, new projects and new opportunities where I can develop my skills. All the lovely people that I work with are so incredibly talented. And being able to shout out an idea or ask for feedback at any time makes me feel included and valued as an aspiring creative professional.”
Millstream Productions logo
Owain Davies
Junior Animator

If you’re interested to find out more about Millstream Academy or you’re a local education provider, you can email us at hello@millstreamproductions.