01 / Strategy

How you plan on using the video
What do you want to achieve with your video? Do you want to reach a wide audience, or target a key demographic? We will help you develop a strategy that makes your video content align with your objective.
Three people working collaboratively and planning the strategy on a shared laptop
The word audience written on a white board

02 / Creative

How we achieve the brief
Before filming, we spend time researching what will make your video effective and how we can achieve this on budget and on time. We plan your film on paper and take away your hassles by writing interview questions, completing risk assessments and release forms, and getting any permissions needed prior to filming. All this information is condensed and shared with you. It's important to us that everyone involved knows exactly how the film will look before the shoot.
Two colleagues writing how they'll achieve the brief on post-its stuck to a glass window

03 / Production

The shoot itself
At this point, everyone is clear on the strategy, the creative, the plan and the output so all that is left is to relax and enjoy the filming experience. During the filming, we will manage everything relating to the production. We see it as our responsibility to ensure we travel home with the right content.
Someone sat at a reception table being filmed for the shoot

04 / Post-Production

Adding the magic
This is where the video comes alive with dynamic editing, music and graphics. From our studio in Emsworth, we have four editing suites and a talented bunch of editors who can turn your project around quickly. With strong skills across storytelling, animation and music production, we will make your video unforgettable.
An editor sat at a mac working his magic and wearing headphones

05 / Optimisation

Getting your video seen
With the video complete, the final step is to promote it and get it in front of your audience. We provide the necessary files to accompany the video.
A football match being played on a pitch and the audience watching from the stands