Managing Director

Hi, I’m Ben. I’m the Co-Founder and Managing Director of Millstream. When I was 16 I made my first video, a music video with my band and, just like that, filmmaking got under my skin. My role at Millstream today is to work directly with our clients and use video to communicate their most important messages. I oversee the day-to-day running of the company and love being out on shoots with the team. Outside of work I play guitar in bands, I'm a keen badminton player and a follower of my beloved Portsmouth FC.
Ben smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind him

Project Coordinator

I’m Louis and my role encompasses a number of different areas across the business. I shoot, edit, produce and direct, so each day is very different for me! I love meeting and working with new people to get the best out of their time filming with us. My favourite part of my job is getting to be creative with a fun team who I get on so well with. Outside of work, I love live music and socialising with friends. My Mount Rushmore of bands are Pearl Jam, Kings Of Leon, Foo Fighters and Red Hot Chilli Peppers.
Louis smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind him


Oli I
As a producer, my job is all about taking your ideas, understanding them and turning them into realities. I utilise the core strengths of our talented team here at Millstream to get the best for your project. The one thing I love about my role is how varying it can be and how we tell your story. One day we could be working on new product launches, delivering content for town halls and the next we could be producing an internal communication piece about a team member’s personal story. Each different, each with their own stories and each as exciting as the last. Outside of work I have a high interest in sporting activities - running a local community badminton club, falling off a stand up paddleboard and seasonally supporting an American football team.
Oli smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind him

Post-Production Supervisor

Oli G
I’m a shooter, editor and occasionally I’ll make a round of tea. But of course there’s more to it than that. My role is about making sure your film looks and sounds incredible by capturing the most creative footage on your shoot and working with the team to cut together the best quality edit for you. The role is about using and maintaining our camera and sound equipment, looking after the edit suites and getting really quite excited when it’s time to sit in front of your edit for the first time. Outside of work, I’ve got two cats and they mean the world to me. I will willingly show you photos of them!
Oliver smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind him

Animation Supervisor

Hello, I’m Roma and I’m an animator. I create a range of animation, either as standalone films or as graphics to complement and enhance live action footage. I love the range of content that I get to work on as it means I can leverage my skills as both a 2D and 3D animator. When I’m not in the studio, I enjoy a delicate balance of exercise and being a couch potato playing video games for hours at a time.
Roma smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind her

Shooter Editor

My job is all about making your film and piecing together your videos. My strengths are in creative art direction. I can instinctively envision how best to set up our production equipment to capture the best look and feel for your video. I work closely with our production team to use my creativity in the edit and deliver above and beyond where I can. In my spare time I enjoy being outdoors. Activities for me include mountain biking, hiking and paddle boarding. I also like to go to the gym. I try to do as much cooking as possible as I enjoy creating flavours!
Lauren smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind her

Junior Video Editor

As a junior video editor, I collate all the footage my colleagues have shot and tell your story through video. Whether that be for a short promotional film or a longer documentary, my aim is to utilise my skills and make your video engaging and gripping, whilst adding some 'sparkle' too. What I love most about working at Millstream Productions is the fact that we are a small team, working together to make something big. Outside of the office, I enjoy sporting activities; from lifting weights in the gym to punching a bag at a boxing class!
Scarlet smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind her

Junior Video Editor

Hello my name is Theo and I’m a junior video editor. I take the footage captured by the shooters and put the pieces of the story puzzle together. When I’m not editing I’m making music on my piano, clarinet, ukulele or banjo, or getting stuck into a good book.
Theo smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind him

Junior Animator

Hello there! I'm Owain. I’m an assistant animator and my main role is to produce and provide animated assets for the team. Currently I’m an Animation BA student at the University of Portsmouth. It’s a real highlight of my week coming in and getting to be creative. It’s a great challenge to solve problems and puzzles with a fun and imaginative solution. On the days I’m not in the office or at uni, I’m zooming around on my roller-skates or working on one of my many art projects.
Owain smiling at the camera with Emsworth shoreline behind him
“I just wanted to say how incredibly proud of your team you should be – they were truly amazing while filming and hosting a workshop at Jacksplace. All of our staff were commenting about how brilliant your team were with our young adults – teaching in an incredible way, and not making any assumptions about abilities. The team really helped the young adults flourish and built confidence and passion in them that we haven’t seen before, which is amazing. Not only did they put on a fantastic workshop for the young adults, but I believe they’ve created an excellent promotional film about Jacksplace which I’m so excited to see. Thank you Millstream Productions!”
Naomi House and Jacksplace logo
Emma Stay
Naomi House and Jacksplace