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Placement Provider of the Year Award: Empowering Young Minds to Shine

Roma accepting placement provider award on stage
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We’ve been awarded the prestigious “Placement Provider of the Year (SME)” award for our commitment to providing young people with opportunities to enhance their creative skills.

We’ve been honoured with the prestigious "Placement Provider of the Year (SME)" award, presented by the University of Portsmouth. The award acknowledges the efforts of organisations, like ours, that offer students enriching placement experiences. This recognition reinforces our mission to be a driving force behind the growth of future creative minds and supports the launch of Millstream Academy

On 4th October, we were invited to a placement celebration ceremony at the University hosted by the Creative Careers team. Our placement student, Owain, was shortlisted for the “Placement Student of the Year” award, and Roma, our supervising animator, accepted the “Placement Provider of the Year” award on behalf of Millstream.

This accolade is not just a testament to our dedication to nurturing young talent, but also a reflection of our commitment to partnering with local education institutions to provide young people with opportunities to enhance their creative skills. Our partnerships allow us to bridge the gap between education and real-world experience, which is invaluable for any budding creative.

Owain spent his one-year placement journey under the mentorship of Roma who ensured he had the chance to put his knowledge into practice, gain hands-on experience, and develop essential skills that will serve him well in his final year of university and beyond. For Roma, a first-time placement mentor, the emphasis was on creating a supportive and nurturing environment where young people can thrive.

Roma and Owain holding their awards
Roma and Owain with the awards
Owain on stage at the award ceremony
Owain (far left) on stage
Roma speaking on stage accepting the award
Roma accepting the award and giving a speech on stage

“I've had an absolute blast on my placement year! The team is so encouraging and fun to be a part of. In particular, Roma has been an instrumental part of my placement year and employment at Millstream. Working under her careful guidance and encouragement I've been able to help develop my own skills as well as projects for Jolly Good, Zero West and our sister brand, MIXT Animation.

"One of the main things I’ve learned on placement is assuredness within my work and explaining how and why I make decisions. It really makes you think critically and this problem solving has helped me immensely with my continued work and final year at university. Thank you Millstream!”

In winning the award, we are not just celebrating our success, we are celebrating the achievements of the bright young minds we work with. We will continue to be a beacon of opportunity and a launchpad for the talent of the future, as we develop more placement and work experience opportunities for young people.