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First commissioned 3D animation video

Roma working on Coopers Fire 3D animation video
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We were recently commissioned to create our first 3D animation video by Coopers Fire. See how we used 3D animation to achieve limitless content for their promotional video.

Video is a powerful way to reach audiences and tell your story in a creative way but, like most things, it has its limitations. So what can help convey your message that’s truly limitless?

The answer…3D animation. 

With 3D animation, anything is possible, and this is what Coopers Fire discovered when they commissioned us to produce their next promotional video.

The brief

Have you ever seen a fire curtain? Perhaps in an office block or shopping centre? Fire curtains are designed to protect escape routes so that people can exit safely. Coopers Fire wanted to create a promotional video for their new Concertina Egress Fire Curtain.

The main goal was to highlight the benefits of the new curtain, which features an egress door and window. This combination allows first responders to assess the situation before acting, checking for smoke and fire, as well as seeing who’s in need of rescue.

Using live action footage with 3D animation

The video was created using live action footage and 3D animation to demonstrate the features highlighted by the team.

By utilising animation, we could create a controlled and repeatable environment to showcase how the curtain would descend and how the egress door operates. Additionally, since the product is brand new and has not yet been installed in an environment that would provide the best visuals for a film, the animation helped to achieve a clean, striking look that’s technically accurate.

The video 

Watch the video and see if you can identify which content is live action footage and which is animation…

Are you looking to create a limitless video? 

3D animation captures your product or service exactly how you want it to. Everything can be customised - the colours, the lighting, the tone.

Are you curious to find out how 3D animation can elevate your brand? Are you ready to push the boundaries?

Get in touch today to find out how our team can work with you to create an incredible, memorable and limitless video for your brand.

Coopers Fire 3D animated egress curtain
A 3D animation of the Concertina Egress Fire Curtain opening
The front of Coopers Fire 3D animated egress curtain
Front view of the Concertina Egress Fire Curtain 3D animation
Coopers Fire employee looking at equipment
A still from the video
A fire curtain around an escalator
A still of a fire curtain in action