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What happens on the day of filming

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Are you wondering what happens on the day of filming? Do you know what part you play? Find out what a typical day of filming looks like so you know what to expect.

So, filming day has arrived. The project overview and brief have been agreed, as well as the details of the shoot including location, shots to be captured etc. But what happens on the day itself and what part do you play? 

Here’s an outline of what you can expect if we were to film a standard corporate video with an interview and B-roll.

When we arrive

We’ll arrive at the filming location at an agreed time, introduce ourselves and run through the pre-agreed plan for the day. 

This will also be an opportunity to look at the space we’re going to film in to see if there are different places we can film different people to mix the shots up. We’ll consider things like: 

  • Lighting
  • Back lighting - these light the subject from behind
  • Background
  • Depth - this helps to separate the subject from the background and gives a cinematic feel 

Set up

Once all of the above has been looked at, we’ll start setting up. This includes:

  • Getting our equipment such as cameras, tripods and microphones ready
  • Dressing the area with what we can find around us and bringing it to life
  • Moving furniture where necessary

We’ll then get the first interviewee ready. A member of the film crew will talk through what they can expect and help put them at ease. This is an important step as the more comfortable your interviewee is, the better the content. 

You can also help your interviewee prepare with our 5 tips to being comfortable on camera.  

Filming the interviews

We’re now ready to start filming, so get ready to sit back and relax with a coffee. We take it from here, meaning we conduct the interview and take care of the filming. 

Once we’ve finished the interview, we’ll check if you're happy with the content the interviewee has covered and whether there are any other questions you would like us to cover. 

Don’t be surprised if we start moving around or changing angles, this is to keep the background of your video fresh and engaging.


After we’ve filmed the interview, we’ll swap equipment and start capturing B-roll. If you’re not sure what this is, check out our blog post on B-roll and other video jargon

Where possible, we might capture B-roll of the object / thing the interviewee is talking about to create a visual element. We’ll also make sure we get extra, more establishing / detailed shots such as:

  • External shots of your building
  • Your business logo  
  • Employees at work 
  • Processes 

These types of shots give context and complement the overall feel of your video. They also help make your video engaging with different content to look at throughout.  

The wrap up 

Once we’ve finished capturing the interview and B-roll, we’ll check you’re happy with everything we’ve filmed during the day. This is your opportunity to ask for anything else you feel would bring value to your video. 

The team will then pack the equipment away and leave the location as they found it.

As a general rule, you can expect the first edit of your video 10 - 15 working days later but we’ll confirm this during the pre-production stage.

If you're yet to incorporate video in your marketing strategy, we would love to chat to you about the types of video that will align with your objectives and get results. Get in touch today!