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5 Reasons your business needs videos

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Filming during COVID
Oli and Louis filming during Summer 2020
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We’re going to talk about the 5 reasons why video is important for helping you grow your brand.

These days video is everywhere we look. Social media platforms dedicated to video have taken off and it’s all anyone is talking about, but video can do much more than make people laugh. Video is extremely powerful for the growth of brands and businesses, they’re so easy to digest and shareable, expanding the reach of your content. We've created over 2,700 videos since 2011 and learned how to make them effective. See some of our past work here.

So, why should you use video for your business?

1/ Reach more, new people

Social media is a great platform to reach and engage with your audience. Platforms like Instagram will push your posts out to more people if your audience are spending a lot of time looking at your post. For example, someone may spend 5 seconds looking at a photo, but a whole 30 seconds watching video. Instagram will see this and decide to show it to more, different people on their news feeds, increasing the awareness and views of your post. 

According to Wordstream, 92% of users watching video on a mobile will share it with others. This is great for reaching new people and making them aware of your brand. Video is so popular, why not give it a try?

2/ Measurable ROI

Measuring whether you’ve received a return on your investment is very important for your business. Video metrics are so clear and straightforward, you’ll easily be able to see the results. Video platforms like YouTube and Vimeo give you measuring tools that allow you to see unique views, likes, shares, audience retention and much more! All the tools allow you to see whether you’ve met your goal and if your investment was worth it. Measuring audience retention is a great way to tell how you can improve your results next time. It lets you see specifically when your audience stopped watching your video, maybe it was too long for them, or a certain part wasn’t as exciting. Now you know the information, you can ensure your video performs better next time.

3/ Conveys a clear message

Do you ever find it difficult to communicate with your customers? Video will make this easier as it gives you the opportunity to do just that. You choose the tone, style and voice, ensuring you convey a clear message and nothing gets lost in translation. According to Insivia, viewers retain 95% of a message when they watch it in a video, compared to 10% when reading it in text. This means, you can use video to say a lot more and know people are more likely to listen. 

4/ Improves SEO

Google LOVES video, they’re the perfect match. Using marketing videos on your website will help boost it’s ranking on the Google results page. This will help drive more traffic to your website and increase the opportunity of gaining new customers. Don’t forget, Google also loves keywords so always remember to add those in your text. 

5/ Connects & engages with an audience

55% of people view online videos every day according to Hubspot. This tells us that people pay a lot of attention to videos, so why not let one of those videos be yours? You can use your videos to build real connections with your audience, increasing their interest in your product/service. 

Video also gives you a platform to engage with your audience. You could ask them a question and respond to their answers in the comments. This tells your audience that you care, leaving them to have more trust for your brand.

Those are just 5 reasons your business needs video, but it’s enough to show you how powerful video is. There different types of video that you can use for your business, it could be short social media videos, a promotional video, a product video and that’s just naming a few. 

If you’re interested in using video for your business, get in touch with us today and we can talk you through what video will best achieve your goals.

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