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Our 2021 in review

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Millstream Productions

Our year in review...

2021 has been an interesting year with lockdowns, isolations, freedom, lockdowns but also a challenge with the workforces coming back from 2020 and work being busier than ever. Here's some key stats:


  • 253 video shoots completed
  • 981 videos created
  • 4 new members employed
  • Expanded our drone filming capabilities
  • Ventured into 3D CGI animation
  • 1800 cups of tea consumed

Our year started quietly in the dark January lockdown. Unable to film with groups above 6 (including crew, client and talent), we were limited to what we could do. Worried about spreading the virus, our animators worked from home, and our filming crews were paired up in bubbles of two.

Pleased to make it to better times, we were able to return back to the studio and installed covid measures to keep the team safe. We were sad to say goodbye to Mariana and wish her the best for her future and employed Roma into our animation team. We produced some powerful animations for Oyster Marketing around tough subjects that were received with acclaim and produced research animations for the University of Portsmouth. But it wasn't until the summer that our shoots picked back up again. In July we were filming two shoots every day, on some days three shoots. A personal highlight for me spending a week in Cornwall working on three different projects. The weather was perfect, the content was exciting, and our clients worked around our scheduling to help us save travel expenses and reduce our carbon footprint.

Coming into autum and winter is always our busiest time of year and we were anticipating a high amount of enquiries and projects. Conscious of editing and animation stacking up we made the bold decison to employ three more team members at this time. Owain, in animation, Theo in video editing and Oli as producer. With a full team of 9 we successfully managed more than 100 shoots between September and November and produced hundreds of videos.

981 videos produced is a phoenominal record for us and one we couldn't imagine reaching. We want to say a big thanks to our friends, clients and suppliers for working with us this year, keeping us safe, keeping us busy and producing some great video content. Have a well deserved rest and Happy New Year x