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Understanding your brand

IntraSystems branded screengrab with flooring
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Knowing your brand style inside out is a vital part of our role.

We all know that a brand is much more than a company name or logo. It’s the image or idea triggered in people’s minds about who you are, your identity, and how people think and feel about your products or services.

So understanding your brand and working with you to develop content that feels part of your family is a vital part of our role. 

By working on different types of videos such as internal communications, television adverts and 3D animations, and for different channels and platforms, we really get to know your brand style.

A recent example of this is when we worked with IntraSystems to produce a Continuing Professional Development (CPD) video.

You’ve probably walked across their products without even realising it; from entrances at the Transport for London Underground tube stations to the Odeon in Leicester Square. IntraSystems specialise in entrance matting and have their products in multiple venues across the country,  including hotel and office entrance lobbies.

When we received the brief to produce the ‘Specifiers Guide To Entrance Matting’, we immediately planned to produce a highly-visual, on-brand piece of content that felt like it was part of the IntraSystems identity.

Noticing the use of a diagonal line, we knew this was an important part of the brand, so to demonstrate our attention to detail, we worked the same diagonal line into our presentation to the team at IntraSytems.  

InstraSystems branded screen grab with venues they work in
We incorporated the diagonal branded line within the speaker box, the intro visualisation and the overall theme.
InstraSystems branded screen grab with employee talking to camera
InstraSystems branded screen grab with employee looking at camera next to company logo

Bryony Light, Marketing Manager at IntraSystem said “Working with Millstream has been a pleasure, as always. This was a long video that required a lot of content and asset manipulation behind the scenes. We had very exacting requirements and the team worked exceptionally hard both during filming on location and in the post-edit phase to deliver a great film that ticked all the boxes.

"I always feel relaxed when the team come into film because I have absolute confidence, they ‘get’ my vision for the project and they know what needs to be done. A very safe pair of hands, organised, efficient and great communication. What more could you ask for?!  I’d have no hesitation recommending Millstream to anyone.”

Here at Millstream Productions, we work with a number of different clients, all with their own brand styles. We love to challenge our team to be creative especially when it comes to brand identity so get in touch today and find out how we can help you.