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What is animation?

What is animation
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Looking to use animation in your video? Discover what animation is and the ways you can use it to tell your story.

Have you ever wondered what an animated video is or why you should use animation in your video? There are many ways to tell your brand’s story but at times, depending on your industry or the message you’re trying to convey, animation may be the most appropriate medium to use. 

Find out more about what an animated video is and how you could use animation to tell your story…

Animated row of buildings

What is an animated video?

Animation is a broad term to describe a medium of video production that can bring ideas to life. From 2D motion graphics and character animation, to high-fidelity 3D computer renders and everything in between. 

We use animation to encompass all things visual. This is particularly useful if you need to explain big ideas in concise ways or to leave a lasting impression on your target audience. 

Animation is eye-catching, memorable and a great way to extend your brand.

How can a company use animation in their video? 

Animation can be used to cut through the noise and deliver a captivating message. For example, a product demonstration or the launch of a new campaign. Videos like these need to efficiently draw attention whilst concisely explaining key information. 

Similarly, animation is often favoured as the preferred medium for explainer-style videos, making use of simplicity in animated aesthetics. 

It can also be used to highlight topics and areas that live-action footage does not extend to. This could involve projects for charities and non-profit organisations where delicate or sensitive ideas are discussed, or ideas that for whatever reason cannot be captured by a camera. 

Animation is extremely malleable and as a result, can be tailored to suit your needs. 

What is a benefit of using animation?

Animation has universal appeal and can deepen visual understanding. For example, a live-action film could be in need of animated graphical enhancements to maintain interest, keep the video in line with branding or explain an idea. 

Visual representation, instead of simply using the spoken word or text additions, can be the key to ensure the message of your video is delivered. 

What does the animation process involve?

Once we receive a brief, our animation team will get to work distilling the ideas into storyboards, which we then use to form what’s called an ‘animatic’. This is an idea of what the complete narrative of the animation will sound and feel like, without the finalised visuals. 

At the same time, concept art is developed - these are known as stills of what the completed project will look like. At this stage, feedback is received and both the animatic and concept art are adjusted until sign off. Then, a more polished pass of animation will begin to create the animated film that suits your brand, messaging and tone.

Check out some of our previous animation work and if you’re wondering how your next project could involve animation, we'd love to hear from you.

Stills of some of our animation work: