Chef working with a Kenwood Kids Club ambassador
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Showcasing Kids Club


Rising Stars

Kenwood Kids Club
Imagine not only meeting your culinary idol but getting to cook with them! For some young chefs, this was a dream come true when they were invited to be part of the Kenwood Kids Club! And we had the pleasure of being a part of it too.

The Shoot

Showcasing young talent
Kenwood Kids Club aims to inspire the next generation of young talent to cook, experiment and develop their skills with true passion. So when we were asked to film the series, we jumped at the chance. We knew that capturing these young chefs meeting their idols, watching them ask their burning questions, and getting a hands-on cooking experience would be something special.
Chef working with a Kenwood Kids Club ambassador

The equipment

Capturing every angle, emotion and sound
We travelled to different kitchens across the country to capture the footage and we didn't pack light! To ensure we captured the whole process from bowl to bake, we needed three cameras, supporting lenses, GoPros, wireless microphones and tripods.
Chef making fresh pasta with kids club ambassador

Techniques and hacks

Learning from the best
Watching the celebrity chefs work with the Kids Club ambassadors was a delight with them both learning from each other. The chefs passed down their knowledge and expertise in the kitchen to the ambassadors showing them TikTok techniques and Instagram hacks!
Kids club ambassador with hands on face looking excited

The Delivery

Engaging with the audience
We delivered three edits from each shoot; a teaser trailer, the Q&A and the bake. These were shared over Kenwood’s social media platforms where they engaged with audiences - those who follow the Kids Club as well as their main brand. With the series being a hit and the footage being well received on social media, we’ve been commissioned to create more content with the ambassadors and other celebrity chefs this year and we can’t wait!
Chef smiling with young chef in front of a baked cafe and mixing equipment
Two people sat on bar stools in a conservatory talking and laughing
It’s not every day you get to try Raymond Blanc's soufflé or Angela Hartnett’s fresh gnocchi, so to say there were some perks of this shoot is an understatement!