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Infected Blood Inquiry

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Infected Blood Inquiry
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Infected Blood Inquiry film, in collaboration with Hunter Gatherer
Having worked with Hunter Gatherer before, we were asked to create a film that was to be played at Central Hall Westminster at the Reflections event where the infected and affected gathered to mark the close of the Infected Blood Inquiry and the publishing of the Inquiry’s report. The film represented the estimated 30,000 people infected and included 12 voices of individuals who had either received infected blood or blood products themselves or lost a loved one as a direct result, and the impact it has had on their lives.

A national scandal?

Infected Blood Inquiry
The Inquiry is an independent public statutory Inquiry established to examine the circumstances in which men, women and children treated by National Health Services in the United Kingdom were given infected blood and/or infected blood products, in particular since 1970. The Inquiry examined why they were given; the impact on their families; how the authorities (including government) responded; the nature of any support provided following infection; questions of consent; and whether there was a cover-up.
Blood pots from Infected Blood Inquiry Reflections event

Filming and editing

A hard-hitting project
We were given access to over 60 interviews from those living with conditions caused by infected blood and listening to them was very emotional. It was important that we represented the individuals, including those now deceased, in a sensitive way. B roll was filmed to accompany the voices and it needed to capture the raw emotion we were hearing and the everyday impact living with these conditions has had and continues to have.
Footage from Testimonies film shown at Infected Blood Inquiry Reflections event

The event

Reflections at Central Hall Westminster with Sir Brian Langstaff
On Monday 20th May 2024, 1,500 people came together including those who are leading the Infected Blood Inquiry, Sir Brian Langstaff (Chair of the Inquiry), UK politicians, campaigners, journalists and the families of those infected. The event took place at Central Hall Westminster where the film was played, along with music, readings and additional video content. The event featured on BBC News and Sky News among others and was broadcast live on the Inquiry’s YouTube channel.
The stage at the Infected Blood Inquiry Reflections event
“The creation of the Reflections event required the bringing together of some of the best creative talents in the UK, all of whom needed to be sensitive to what is an extremely challenging subject. Having worked with the team at Millstream numerous times and knowing how fantastic they are at crafting video to tell human stories, I had no doubt they would deliver a powerful film in “Testimonies”. It’s incredibly moving.”
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Art Lewry
Director of Hunter Gatherer