Case Study: "Proud of Portsmouth" video

Better Together: the University of Portsmouth project spotlight

The Two Ronnies, French and Saunders, Morecambe and Wise - each brilliant on their own, but so much better as a twosome!

Great collaborations are a thing of joy and there’s something particularly special about seeing a brilliant duo come alive on screen.

In fact, video is a fantastic tool to celebrate a collaborative partnership. It has the ability to share a message and connect with audiences like no other medium.

The University of Portsmouth Story

Based on England’s South Coast, the University of Portsmouth consistently rates as one of the top universities in the UK. Its reputation attracts students from around the country and from around the world. But, although its reach is global, it is very much a central part of the local Portsmouth community.

The University is a champion of the city and it provides opportunities for students to see Portsmouth, not just as a place to study, but a place to develop a lifelong relationship with.

As well as their support and resources on campus and across the city, the University has an impressive online presence. Their website and social media are full of valuable information for both prospective and existing students.

Video is one of the University’s central methods of communication and they use it across all their platforms. The University has a team dedicated to producing the majority of their video communications, but they recognise the value of expert support. We’ve been honoured to work with them for several years, delivering our combination of experience, expertise and equipment to help enhance their video communications.

Proud to be Portsmouth

Another institution at the heart of the Portsmouth community is Portsmouth Football Club.

In much the same way that the University is more than simply a place to study, the club is about more than just sport. The club’s work goes far beyond the pitch, with outreach opportunities in the community and a commitment to supporting greater educational engagement.

So, it seemed like a natural fit when the University became the club’s main partner in 2018.

The partnership, which spans the three years from 2018-2021, allows both organisations to work together, share resources and aim towards a common goal.

To celebrate the partnership and broaden the reach of its message, we were asked to create a short film showcasing the university, the club and the vibrant city of Portsmouth.

Proud of Portsmouth

Bright, punchy and full of energy, the video captures the essence of what it means to be a fan of Portsmouth.

Portsmouth is more than just a city — as it says in the video, it’s a place to strive, to sweat and to succeed. It’s a place to be proud of.

Starring student ambassadors and club players, the video is a snapshot of youthful, vibrant Portsmouth - the fun of the waterfront, the energy of match-day at Fratton Park, the spirit of life on campus.

Designed to be played on the big screen before home games, the video uses snappy editing, an energetic soundtrack and dynamic visuals to reflect the energy of a crowd before a big match.

The video also does double duty online — the quick, vibrant style that’s perfect pre- game is also ideal for sharing on social media, meaning its reach is even broader.

The video celebrates the partnership of these two great Portsmouth institutions and is a win-win for everyone... it helps the University connect to a football audience who may not naturally gravitate towards higher education and it helps the club reach a young, diverse audience who might potentially become lifelong Pompey fans.

Better Together

We think collaboration is pretty much always a good thing.

Which is why it’s such a shame when the message behind a collaboration isn’t shared, as it’s often a vital way to get supporters on board and to connect with new audiences. A message shared by a collaborative partnership naturally has the ability to spread much further than either party could reach on their own.

And, although we might be biased, we think video is a great tool to communicate these types of messages. Video brings a story to life and shapes it into a message that has meaning, reach and impact.

So, if you’re launching a new collaboration or have an existing partnership you’d like to tell the world about, consider using video as a tool to connect and let it score the goals for you.

Get in touch to hear more about how we can help you use video to showcase your new partnership and broaden your fan base.