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Farewell C300

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Millstream Productions

Saying goodbye to our Canon C300 Mk I

(and why we’re constantly investing in new tech)

‘Workhorse’ is the description lovingly given by creatives for the Canon C300 because you could trust it to just keep rolling.  It gave users the confidence to take it on every shoot, to capture feature-length interviews and supporting b-roll.

For many, it was the first step toward professional camerawork for operators graduating from the world of dSLRs who were desperate to become broadcast-ready while maintaining that cinematic quality Canon had made so easily available to camera ops.

The Canon C300 Mk I has been the staple camera for Millstream pretty much since day one, and while our kit list has been ever-growing and ever-improving, we found we would still take our trusted eyes and ears out on most shoots.  It’s only been in recent years that it’s been left on the shelf to gather dust.

We’re constantly getting excited about new tech, new cameras and the many new features and benefits they offer.  We’ve invested in both Sony and Canon products with internal stabilisers, with awesome slow-motion functionality and 4K capability.  It keeps us ahead of the curve and capturing the most compelling visuals for your films.

We’ll never be able to count how many times we pressed record on the C300 camera, but it has enabled us to create inspirational corporate films and even tell those local history stories in our documentaries.

This camera has taken our audiences to sea, to the trenches, to the theatre, to the garage, to the hospital, to many offices and behind doors normally closed to the public.

It’s seen fans cheering at Fratton Park, it’s run a few miles up and down Winchester High Street and it’s even taken a few trips to France.

We’re continuously investing in our equipment, but we’re also so proud of the journey we have been on so far.  It’s thanks to the Canon C300 Mk I for making so much of that look so good.