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Range Launch Campaign Film

Annie Haak

jewellery video content
Jewellery Promo Video
Annie Haak
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Annie Haak Designs

Creating social media video content
Annie Haak Designs is one of the country's leading, premium designers of bespoke jewellery. Based in Hampshire, Annie's work is adored across the world. We worked with Annie and her team to produce a series of social media videos that promote her new Tutti Frutti range.

High energy visuals and contemporary editing reflects the innovative jewellery designs

This shoot took place during a routine photoshoot and we were tasked with capturing our content around the photographer. This gave us an added element to the film of breaking the "fourth wall" and seeing behind the scenes. We showed the backdrops, the lights and cameras to bring a level of authenticity to this video, proving the jewellery really is that good and not hidden behind photoshop filters.
Tutti Frutti 60 Second Cut
Watch the video here
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Video content designed for social media platforms

Know where your audience are
We know that many of Annie's fans are on Facebook and Instagram. Her work is admired on Instagram and discussed and shared on Facebook. As part of this project, we created multiple exports of the same video; a 60 second, 30 second, 15 second version and in different sizes; landscape and portrait, to display as well as possible on different social media platforms. This is an critical part of Millstream's service and recomposing shots to fit new aspects has become part of our daily workflow.