Running a video company during COVID

Running a video production agency during a global pandemic

When we set up 9 years ago I didn't think I'd ever have to write that sentence. Every business in the world is in the same situation, which is both comforting and concerning.

When lockdown started for us in mid-March 2020, for us, like many businesses it was a race of avoiding bankruptcy for as long as possible. However, certain clients, certain projects, certain ideas and one hell of a team pulled us through and we actually found we grew during lockdown. So much so that we employed two new members of staff towards the end of 2020.

How did we do it?

Skype, Zoom, Hangouts, Discord, Facetime became our new cameras. Yes it doesn't look as good as our actual video cameras but it is safe and enables our clients to continue video marketing and growing themselves. There is a very forgiving audience right now a low quality Zoom call doesn't matter, so long as the content is compelling. And that's our strength.

Thankfully, we have a huge archive of footage for our repeat business and are able to bring in existing footage to make videos look as good as normal.

Filming during lockdown

When it comes to filming, we've totally changed how we work. A full description of our policies is on our website as a dedicated page. But the key thing is splitting our filming team into small "bubbles". One director and one camera operator per bubble. Each bubble travels seperately to locations and is responsible for sanitising the kit before and after filming. We're not allowing these bubbles to meet each other (unless properly distanced and with masks). The theory is, if one of our team got ill, the other team would step in and manage the filming for clients. This way we keep full business continuity. 

Video editing and animation in lockdown

Each editor took an editing suite home and a stack of hard drives! Using Slack, Hangouts and Monday, we are keeping in constant communication to share files, assist one another and keep on top of deadlines. It's not as efficient (or as fun) as working in the studio together but it is safe.

Keep your video production company alive in lockdown

We love chatting about our industry to our peers up and down the country. Drop us a line if you want to know more.

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