Scarlet joins our team

We're pleased to welcome Scarlet to Millstream and joins us as a junior video editor. Scarlet first met us in 2019 and joined us on work experience on two documentary projects. Following a successful interneship this year, Scarlet has now joined our growing team.

Here's some words from Scarlet...

I’ve been with the Millstream team since October 2020 as a Junior Editor. Video creation has always been a passion of mine and I would create in my spare time. Now, it’s my job! 

When I was studying Creative Media Film & TV at college, my tutor mentioned a collaboration opportunity with Millstream Productions to create a short documentary. I was excited for this opportunity as I'd never had first-hand filmmaking experience. I put myself forward to become a part of the production. After attending the workshops, Millstream assigned me the role of Director, which I was thrilled about! 

After this, I was invited back to get involved with another project, which built my relationship with the team more. A few months later, I was offered a two month internship where I broadened my general filmmaking skills further! When my internship came to an end, I was offered an employed position as a junior editor! 

My goals long-term include becoming a Senior Editor and working on awesome projects that are seen by millions. I would like to expand my knowledge with editing and motion graphics software.

I really love what I do, and I couldn’t ask for a better team to do it with! 

Filming in Chichester