School of Engineering Concept Film

Client: University of Portsmouth

Engineering is one of the biggest growth areas in the country and companies are looking to hire young talent. The University of Portsmouth has an environment that nurtures students into becoming work-ready and forward thinking engineers.

We were commissioned by the University to create a concept film that explores what makes an engineering student. We researched engineering personality traits and created a narrative that explains how, from small details and team work, an improved outcome can be achieved.

We wrote a contemporary poem around this concept, based on a traditional poem dating back to 1100AD and set about planning the shoot. The film itself follows three individuals as they go about their course. We see them from a distance and approaching different challenges and then zoom into close up shots showing the finer details. After tinkering, the outcome is improved.

This project was great fun to be involved with and we are proud to see it being seen by prospective engineering students who will go on to study at the University of Portsmouth.